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This page, admittedly, is very basic and simple. I admit I am no web developer, I am a gamer. And I'm looking to build a community, not a wicked website. 

If you're coming from in-game, please fill out the registration form to apply. At this point, we're not very picky on requirements. There are a couple, however.

  • You may NOT perform any behaviors that violate the Ragnarok Online ToS.

  • Please be active. You don't have to live on the game, but it'd be nice to have people around. That's the whole point of the guild.

  • If your character you join with is an alt, please make it an active alt. This goes back to the previous requirement.

  • This is not a charity, however, helping each other is key to success for all.

  • Avoid elitism. This just makes for animosity and resentment between members, and is negative for reputation.

  • Oh, and have fun and all that crap.

We look forward to hearing from you!

~ Valith
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